Corporate Governance & Company Secretarial

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We can prepare and assist with companies’ annual and statutory obligations

We will assist the directors and the company secretary to comply with the company secretarial requirements of the companies acts. Our role is purely for the purposes of preparing and submitting the appropriate statutory annual return form to the Registrar of Companies in accordance with the requirements of the companies acts 1963 to 2012

We can advise on directors statutory responsibilities and directors obligations, We on behalf of the company can write up and maintain the following seven statutory registers as required by the provisions of the Companies Acts as set out here. The register of:

Annual Accounts Preparation
What’s included in Annual Accounts?

Statutory Responsibilities

In the past decade the body of statutory responsibilities of companies and their directors have grown consistently. It is vital to be aware of a company’s obligations and to comply at all times in order to avoid restrictions on trade and other sanctions and penalties.

We shall be pleased to advise you on other matters relating to company secretarial such as the implications of particular share transactions, shareholders agreements and other secretarial matters which you refer to us


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