Revenue officials meeting hauliers in Brexit preparations

Revenue officials meeting hauliers in Brexit preparations

Revenue officers have begun engaging with hauliers at ports in Dublin and Wexford as part of preparations for a no-deal Brexit.

Concerns have been raised about the number of companies trading with the UK that have not yet registered for customs.

Lynda Slattery, head of Revenue’s Brexit unit, said that before Christmas they identified 84,000 companies that may be impacted by Brexit.

However, less than half of those have registered for customs so far. Speaking at Dublin Port this morning, Ms Slattery said they are “really concerned” by these figures.

Revenue officers were at Dublin Port and Rosslare Europort providing information to truck drivers on the impact of Brexit.

Officers are also on board some ferry sailings between Ireland and the UK offering information on the documentation that truckers will be required to have before arriving at ports, as well as the customs routes that they will have to take.

Speaking to RTÉ News, a number of truck drivers at Dublin Port said that this is the first time they have been provided with this information.

One driver, who works for what he said was a small UK firm, said “because we are so small we can’t really afford to just put things in place”.

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