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Nationwide rents surge 30pc higher than during Celtic Tiger

Rents have risen 30pc above Celtic Tiger rates and reached a record high for the 10th consecutive quarter, according to a new report.

The findings by don’t expect the rental hikes to stop any time soon.

Nationally, there has been a rise of 11.3pc on last year, with the average monthly rental cost coming in at €1,334.

Rents in Dublin are 10.9pc higher than last year.

In Dublin the …

‘Cost of care for our two boys will be more than we pay on mortgage’

Mother Siobhan Redmond will soon be paying more than her monthly mortgage for childcare for her two children.

Ms Redmond, from Killester, Dublin, believes the Government should further assist families and the childcare industry in tandem to create a well-run system for all.

The 35-year-old financial professional is currently on maternity leave after giving birth to her three-month-old son Pearse.

In August next year, Pearse will join older brother Christopher, …

Trade fears: Ireland may be caught in crossfire if President Trump ramps up rhetoric after midterms

When President Donald Trump tweets, he moves markets. Last week’s upbeat comments on the possibility of a deal with China to call a halt to a trade war between the world’s two largest economies helped stock markets rally from the bloodbath of ‘Red October’.

By Friday, however, his officials were backpedalling, and not for the first time.

While it is rarely clear precisely what the US president wants from trade …

EU digital tax could backfire – Donohoe

The EU’s success as an exporter leaves it vulnerable if tax norms are torn up, which would include creating the digital services tax sought by France and others, Paschal Donohoe has warned.

He denied France had offered to make-up for any tax loss to Ireland to win support for its plan.

“No such offer has been put to me or to the Irish Government,” Mr Donohoe said in Brussels yesterday.

Sick pay delay ‘down to move to new system’

Thousands of people face delay in sick pay, causing unnecessary suffering, the Government has been warned.

Fianna Fáil’s welfare spokesman Willie O’Dea has urged Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty to intervene and ensure that every citizen entitled to illness benefit gets their full payment on time.

“The issues related to disagreements between GPs and the department are well documented over filling out of new forms. Now we are told the …

Good news for mortgage holders: Rates to stay low as the eurozone flounders

Slowdown: Tracker and standard variable loan-holders to benefit Brexit woes: No deal will pitch Britain into long-lasting recession

Hundreds of thousands of mortgage-holders, as well as small businesses, are set for a reprieve on anticipated higher repayments.

A slow-down in the economies of countries in the eurozone means an interest rate rise next year is now less likely.

Adding to the economic concerns, a no-deal Brexit would be likely to …

US stocks stagger back from correction

US stocks staggered back from a rout that took the S&P 500 Index into a correction, though major averages remained lower for the day in afternoon trading yesterday.

The S&P 500 cut a loss that approached 3pc by more than half, but remains on track for the worst month in eight years.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq indexes bore the brunt of selling after Amazon and Google parent Alphabet sank on disappointing …

Three investment lessons learned from the global financial crisis

Ten years on from the global financial crisis is a good opportunity for investors to reflect on what we’ve learned from this seismic event.

Lesson 1: Minsky was right

Hyman Minsky’s financial-instability hypothesis examined how long stretches of prosperity have tended to sow the seeds of the next crisis.

In good times, market participants become inattentive to assessing, quantifying, and managing risk, says Minsky. The discipline of risk management wastes …

UK targets tech giants with new digital tax in Budget

The UK is targeting the likes of Google and Facebook by introducing a digital services tax that aims to raise £400m (€450m) a year for the government.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond unveiled the measure in his Autumn Budget in London yesterday.

He said it was designed to hit the largest internet businesses – not consumer or internet startups.

It would affect companies that were profitable and with annual …

Net alert: Ireland reports high rates of online crime as half of users affected by illegal activity

Half of Irish people have come across illegal activity on the internet, according to the latest European Commission barometer.

In 17 countries across the EU, scams, frauds, subscription traps or other illegal commercial practices were found to be the most common form of illegal content encountered.

In the other EU countries, hate speech or pirated content were more likely to be encountered.

Subscription traps are where a person signs up …