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Economy produces the best job numbers in 5 years

EMPLOYMENT is at its highest level in five years with almost 28,000 more people in a job at the end of September than in the same period last year.

And the vast bulk of the new positions are full-time, with a bounce-back in battered sectors such as construction and retail now helping to drive the growth.

Some 1.93 million people now have a job – the highest level since the …

Study show Ireland has most effective corporate tax system in Europe

Ireland has the most effective corporate tax system in Europe with the least amount of red tape, according to a study from PwC and the World Bank.

Ireland’s effective rate comes in close to the headline rate – 12.4% – just 0.1% below the Government’s much criticised 12.5% advertised rate.

In France, the headline rate is 33% but the effective rate is closer to 7.5%.

The tax system here …

Bruton says Irish firms have risen to international challenge

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton has said that Irish entrepreneurs have risen to the challenge, and taken up the message that they need to internationalise.

Minister Bruton was speaking at the Deloitte Enterprise Ireland CEO Forum in Dublin Castle today.

350 chief executives are hearing about education and training, the opportunities in exporting to customers in emerging markets, and trends and innovation in technology at the forum.

Minister Bruton said Irish …

Juncker unveils €300bn investment plan to kick start EU growth

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker presented a plan today to leverage some €300bn of largely private new investment in the European Union, saying it was time to kick-start growth without adding to public debt.

Underlining the need to maintain efforts at structural reforms of aging economies and pare back debt and deficits run up during the financial crisis, the EU’s new chief executive told the European Parliament in Strasbourg that …

Centralised debt register is still two years away

IT will be at least another two years before a register of all the debts of each consumer and company is in place, it has emerged.

This is despite demands from the EU Commission as far back as 2010 that a new register be set up.

A centralised register is needed to ensure banks and other lenders make informed decisions when handing out loans, and to protect borrowers from excessive …

Fifth Kilkenomics festival attracts bumper line up of speakers

Ellen Brown, a co-founder of the US-based Public Banking Institute, doesn’t mince her words.

She’s among the speakers at the fifth Kilkenomics festival, which began yesterday.

“My purpose in being there and what I hope to introduce is that you can fix a lot of your economic problems by having some publicly owned banks.”

It’s not about nationalising the system, says Brown. Rather the idea is to have a number …

ECB chiefs set to snub our probe into bailout

The letters, which include a threat to cut off funds if Ireland did not apply for a bailout, drew fresh calls for the Frankfurt-based ECB to send representatives to the imminent banking inquiry.

Mr Trichet, who directly dealt with the issue, has already refused to come here to answer questions from TDs and Senators.

And the current president of the ECB Mario Draghi yesterday backed the stance of his predecessor.

Banks told to cut ‘sky-high’ mortgage rates

The claim was made after the European Central Bank (ECB) again left its key lending rate at close to zero.

The decision to leave the rate at a record low was widely expected after the ECB cut it to a rock-bottom level in September.

ECB president Mario Draghi stated then that the rate had hit “the lower bound”.

The ECB then left its main refinancing rate at just 0.05pc.

This …

More lending choice as peer-to-peer financer launches in market

CoFunder, which has been operating in Northern Ireland since June, has received regulatory backing from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, and the firm’s chief operating officer, Aidan Doherty, thinks the Central Bank should start regulating the peer-to-peer finance industry here.

“We think it’s important that this segment of the industry is regulated to both give security and to ensure there’s a firm foundation there in terms of both the borrowers …

Beware: workplace accidents more likely today

New figures released by the Injuries Board reveal that the amount of compensation awarded by the Board rose 9pc in 2013 when compared to 2012.

The average amount awarded rose too, from €27,286 in 2012 to €28,886 last year.

“Our data shows a year-on- year increase in the number of awards made as a result of accidents in the workplace,” Injuries Board chief executive Patricia Byron said.

“As the economy …